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What is Keller Psychological Associates?

We offer testing, therapy, and other mental health related services to the Keller and Southlake areas and beyond.

Who Can Provide Psychotherapy?

Adapted from information found on About.com 

Providers of psychotherapy and other mental health services may hold a number of titles, credentials, or licensures. Job titles such as “Psychologist” and “Psychiatrist” require the individual to meet specific state and national requirements. However, there are no governing bodies to regulate titles such as “Psychotherapist” and “Therapist”, so anyone could claim these designations.

If you are seeking a therapist for treatment, it is important to understand the credentials, licensing requirements, and certifications of therapy providers.



  • Ph.D. psychologists have five years of graduate training in psychology.
  • Psy.D. psychologists have the same training as those with a Ph.D., but there maybe less emphasis on research and experimental methods and generally more focus on assessment and therapy.
  • Psychologists are trained and licensed to independently conduct psychological assessment and testing.
  • Most states require one to two years of supervised experience after graduation for full licensure.


  • Qualifications include graduation from medical school followed by a resident program in psychiatric care. However, some students still receive little to no training in conducting psychotherapy.
  • Some psychiatrists are board-certified, indicating they have received additional training beyond medical school and psychiatric residency.
  • Psychiatrists can prescribe medication to clients.
  • Most psychiatrist today do little to no therapy or assessmet.


  • Licensed professional counselors (LPC) typically have two to three years of graduate training in counseling methods.
  • Specialty areas include marriage and family counseling, school counseling, community counseling, and substance about counseling.
  • Many states require counselors to be licensed by National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), which can grant the title of “National Certified Counselor.”

Social Workers, LCSW

  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) have approximately two years of graduate training in therapy, as well as completion of an internship and supervised experience in the field.
  • Other social workers may have a Master’s degree in social work as well as supervised clinical experience.

 When choosing a mental health professional, education and experience are important, but so is the therapist's style and personality. Just because someone went to the "best" schools, does not necessarily mean that he/she will be a good therapist. You are strongly encouraged to speak to multiple mental health providers over the phone (some even schedule free 15-minute sessions) prior to making a decision about the "best fit" for you and your needs.